Video Production

With over 25 years of experience in this 'fine art', Wallaby Productions have become almost a 'household' brand in video productions. We have produced many promotional dvds and videos for a long list of clients including international business', both big and small as well as government departments and local councils from right across Australia.

We have extensive experience and specialise in;

Do you always explain the same information and answers over and over again? The world is becoming more technologically advanced and people are becoming more comfortable with viewing websites and videos for their source of information on products and services.

Give us a call, we'd love to do for you, as we did for Dingo Mini Diggers, a globally successful company that manufactures, wholesales, retails and maintains the worlds best mini diggers!

DVD Production & Authoring

A professional DVD is a great investment and the ultimate tool to inform and enlighten your clients, but, it also is a great tool that can really give your business a professional edge... an edge which of course translates to more money in your pocket.

With multiple formats (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD+RW), new technologies such as blue ray and different types of DVD face printing, you really do need to know the ins and outs to avoid some pretty expensive mistakes.

We are here to guide you through it all and to help you make the right decisions in all aspects of your marketing material and strategies.

There are plenty of advanced concepts to use such as multi language discs, multiple camera angle training DVDs and as well 'mixed mode' data and video discs. These incredibly powerful discs when played in a DVD player, the video automatically plays BUT when inserted in a computer they give the user access to many additional features such as links to multiple websites as well as carrying photos and print documents, in fact almost anything you wish to deliver!

Meat and Livestock Australia is one of our many happy customers that have used this medium to deliver their message. Please view their testimonial letter to see what they had to say about this service.

DVD Duplication

1 or 1,000,000 copies it's all the same. Quality is the issue!

It's pointless being obsessed with quality at all other points through the process if you don't pursue it at the duplication stage.

CDs and DVDs are duplicated to the highest quality blanks available, and can be printed full colour to the face, and packaged in soft or hard cases if required. We specialise in designing your artwork to be printed professionally on the face of the disc or cases so that it is consistent with your corporate identity... after all this is the 'business end' of the campaign.